3D Laser Scanning - Terrestrial LiDAR - High Definition Surveying

As 2013 is now upon us we find ourselves entering what could be the best year for scanning yet. So much exposure has occurred in the past year that scanners seem be popping up in the most unlikely hands. But be careful when you search for these service providers because in this field, experience is everything.

PacificHDS is entering our sixth year of scanning and our 15th year of surveying. Our process of surveying and scanning is unparalleled for speed and accuracy. We recently partnered up with another company and split a scan job in half. We literally scanned across the street from each other and what took them 5 days to complete, we finished in one. This is the true difference between our tested methods and the "other guys."

Please check out out project experiences and call us today to see how we can help your next project be successful.